April 29, 2021
person using laptop

With the COVID pandemic continuing to affect our mental health, we find ourselves turning to the internet more and more in search of answers. So we’ve collected 5 of our favourite virtual resources to manage your online wellness, especially now.

Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada provides FREE mental health and substance use support, with funding from the Government of Canada. The best news? If you’re Canadian, you qualify for free support, even if you’re living abroad.

COVID Youth Mental Health Resource Hub

This resource hub from Jack.org is packed with resources, guides and app suggestions for youth. We love their approach to inclusivity by including specific resources for Black, LGBTQ, Asian, Indigenous, and Muslim youth.

Online Therapy Unit

Online Therapy Unit has been running ICBT (Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) since 2010. They have many courses that you can register for, including courses on general well-being, alcohol change, chronic pain, and self-compassion. To be enrolled, you must complete a screening, with a follow-up phone call to ensure the program is a good fit for you.


Originally designed for those who are looking to spend less time gaming, this can be an effective tool for anyone looking to spend less time looking at screens overall. “Almost half of Canadians (46%) have increased their use of free streaming video services” since the onset of the pandemic (Statistics Canada, 2020).

Take the quiz and quickly find matches to hobbies you may have never considered before!

Mind Your Mind

Mind Your Mind works with individuals aged 14-29 to produce appropriate, helpful content for the many stressors and mental health issues that youth and young adults face. The site is packed full of resources, tools and educational material.