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Families Matter Support Group

Families helping families. By bringing families together and facilitating sharing, learning and resilience, CMHA Saskatoon is building the capacity to heal, recover and grow.

Families are the first and best line of defense for their loved ones. They support, lead, advocate and often bear the burden of ensuring their loved ones with mental illness get the help they need. This can be lonely, taking a heavy emotional, financial, physical and mental health toll.  The Families Matter Support Group is a strength-based, family-centered initiative that empowers, builds capacity, promotes resilience and reduces the need for crisis interventions.

In order to participate, you must be registered. Please contact Chantel Bode for more information at

Depression Support Group (Virtual)

Depression, is a mood disorder that changes the way people feel, think, behave and perceive the world around them.  It can be triggered by a life event such as the loss of a job, the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one, or other life stresses like a major deadline, moving to a new city or having a baby. Then sometimes it seems to be triggered by nothing at all.

Support is key.  You are not Alone. Recovery is Possible.

The Depression support group meets once a week in the evening, it is drop in, no cost and community member facilitated. For more information contact, Marilyn at 306-270-9181. or

 *This group is not an option for crisis support, if it is an emergency please reach out to mobile crisis at 306-933-6200 or walk in to the RUH Emergency.