For more than 70 years, CMHA Saskatoon has been committed to our threefold mission: providing advocacy, public education and awareness and community services. Early on our focus was supporting patients in Saskatchewan mental health hospitals and today we provide a wide range of vocational programs, system navigation and are a hub for mental health education and awareness.


first Saskatchewan Mental Hospital open in North Battleford.


Toronto lawyer, Dr. Clarence Hincks leads the development of the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene.


committee is appointed to study psychiatric services, making a series of recommendations that would become the blueprint for the Saskatchewan Plan, calling for outpatient mental health clinics, psychiatric units to general hospitals, post-secondary mental health training and education and separating mental illness from intellectual disability.

1929 – 1945

the Great Depression and Second World War stalls many advancements in mental health.


first psychiatric outpatient service is established at Regina General Hospital, with a second one in Saskatoon in 1949.


CMHA Saskatoon is first branch to open in Saskatchewan, with primary purpose being for volunteers visiting patients at Saskatchewan Hospital.


advances in the development of anti-psychotic drugs make it possible to control the symptoms of some mental illnesses, enabling many to return to or remain in their community.


CMHA Saskatchewan Division is established.


CMHA White Cross Centers open in Regina, Saskatoon, and across Canada. People are now referred to as club members rather than patients.


Dr.’s McKerracher and Lawson spearhead implementation of the Saskatchewan Plan. Inpatient numbers in mental health hospitals decline sharply coinciding with inadequate investments in community services. Resulting lack of services has severe impact on people.


Yorkton Psychiatric Center opens, emphasizing outpatient care, a team approach to mental health care and decentralization of services into rural areas.


Yorkton Psychiatric Center opens, emphasizing outpatient care, a team approach to mental health care and decentralization of services into rural areas.

Late 1960's

numbers of community mental health professionals increase rapidly, as psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists enter the field.


community mental health services plateau and programs for people with intellectual disabilities are moved to separate department.


CMHA Saskatchewan establishes the Task Force on Mental Health Services


supported by CMHA Saskatchewan Division, CMHA Saskatoon purchases a building at 1301 Avenue P North.


CMHA Saskatoon becomes an autonomous branch, maintaining our Affiliation with CMHA Saskatchewan Division.


CMHA Saskatoon establishes a series of support groups, the first being the Saskatoon Writer’s Club


CMHA Saskatoon secures core funding from the Ministry of Immigration and Skills Training and the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority.


coalition including CMHA Saskatoon, Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services and Crocus Coop raises awareness and advocates for increased funding for community mental health programs. Group expands to include the Learning Disabilities Society and the Lighthouse.


social recreation programs expand to include Quilters Group and the Depression Support Group, followed by similar peer lead groups, the newest being the Families Matter Group in 2020.


CMHA Saskatoon provides ever increasing education including Mental Health First Aid, workplace wellness and a variety of workshops, to more than 5000 people/year by 2019.


Resilience, Information, Support and Empathy (RISE) is piloted with the Saskatoon Public School Division, growing to include the online course for youth, Riding the Wave in 2020


CMHA Saskatoon pilots Connect Up, an inclusive social recreation program. Crocus Coop partners to deliver Connect Up in 2021.


with the Global Pandemic, CMHA Saskatoon goes virtual with all services and programs.


CMHA Saskatoon launches a new website and online Wellness Hub providing virtual access to education, training, and resources.