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CMHA Saskatoon provides supportive living services for people and families who have mental health needs to live in affordable, inclusive, and safe housing.

Through the National Affordable Housing Corporation and in partnership with a number of rental agencies in the community, CMHA Saskatoon is able to periodically refer clients to affordable and safe housing.*

Such a referral is made with the client’s individual and family needs in mind. It is rooted in co-developing and implementing a person centered support system based on: financial stability, finding and maintaining employment, community belonging, access to medical and therapeutic services, access to transportation and other factors which empower and nurture independence.

Where a referral is possible, you would be matched up with a SILC (Supported Independent Living Coordinator) to explore appropriate and individualized support. You may also go through a detailed application process to become eligible.

*Due to the limited resources available in safe and affordable housing, units are full at this time.