5 reasons to NOT set goals in January - Canadian Mental Health Association - Saskatoon Branch
January 5, 2023
5 reasons to NOT set goals this January

Navigating the relentless campaigns offering to help you become a better person in 2023 could count as a full time job.

What else makes you feel as though you’re not doing enough than switching from “it’s the holidays, enjoy yourself!” to “here’s an app, a watch, a journal and a guide to completely changing who you are this year!”

We aren’t against setting personal and professional goals, but it’s important to recognize the pressure we are under to overhaul our lives come January 1st.

If you’re feeling as though you’ve started this year already behind, buckle in as we count down the 5 reasons to NOT set goals in January!

[Every one of us trying to sidestep all the new year, new you e-mails]
  1. Winter is a season of rest. We often feel the urge to turn inward for the winter. Winter is a natural time for nature to rest while preparing for the spring season. As humans, we tend to gravitate toward that same energy, and who are we to go against mother nature! Instead of goal setting, use this time to be reflective.
  2. You’re an adult, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do (for the most part). Doing something just because you think you should is a great way to lose interest in any goa. If you’re not feeling up to goal setting at the moment, come back to this activity when it comes naturally.
  3. You’re in survival mode. You are focused on getting through each day and can’t fathom looking ahead to an entire year. Making it through each day is a celebration, too. If you are in a season of survival and you’re reading this, you’ve done enough today. You did enough yesterday. And you will do what you can tomorrow with what you have.
  4. January is not your time. Goals should be set when you feel motivated and have the capacity to move toward that goal. By buying into the idea that you are ‘already behind’ if you haven’t set your goals for the new year, you are more likely to ‘borrow’ someone else’s goal just to make one.
  5. Goal setting may not be for you! EVER. Not everyone needs to set goals to make positive change in their life. Staying in the moment and meeting your own needs can make a huge difference in your mood and life experience.

There you have it – 5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T set a goal this January! If you are in a season of rest, give yourself permission to relax and rejuvenate. The only schedule you need to be on is your own!