Thank you so much for considering this generous act – and thinking of the Canadian Mental Health Association – Saskatoon Branch.  We are excited to help you make this a successful event for you, your family and friends!

So where to start?  Here are some tips and advice on how to get started and what to expect:

1. Time to get passionate about mental health and the Canadian Mental Health Association – Saskatoon Branch

Do you have a personal connection to mental health and/or CMHA Saskatoon?  People will be more compelled to donate and support your fundraiser when you can authentically speak from your heart about why you believe in and are invested in the cause.  Don’t be afraid to share – the more we normalize the experience of mental health challenges and mental illness, the closer we are to ending the stigma that surrounds it! Get more info here.

2. Make sure your fundraiser is doable – how far are you going to go?

Running a race or biking for charity are healthy ways to support the organization you love. And we want you to be successful. Find out what’s doable for your schedule and your level of commitment. You want to stretch yourself but avoid burning out!

3. Recruit a buddy

Who said you had to do this on your own? Make sure you have support! Recruit close friends, family members and others you look to for support in the community that can assist and cheer you throughout the process and event. Getting a friend to go on training runs or bikes with you or to help host a fundraising event can make the charity journey more fun and less daunting. Bonus points if you can get them to join the charity program with you and hold each other accountable for reaching fundraising goals!

4. Set an achievable goal – how much do you want to raise?

You want to set a goal that is achievable and realistic so consider the financial situation of your network of friends, family and people who know you in the community. Are people struggling and unsure about the impact of volunteering their time? Do they have the capacity to help in some manageable way? Do you think your employer might help by sponsoring you?  Do any of your contacts want to help by joining you in your fundraising journey?  Once you have considered all these questions, set a goal you feel you can achieve and that you feel good about.

5. Set small, achievable milestones

Break down the total amount you want to raise into weekly goals to help keep your motivation up! For example, raise a tenth of the total amount in a week. Or break it down into the number of people you need to talk to per week.  This “swiss cheese” approach will ensure you stay on track or even exceed the total fundraising amount you hope to raise.

6. Get the word out

Asking people for money can be awkward, but there are subtle and effective ways of rallying your friends, family and coworkers to make it easier. Start with these three simple calls to action:

* Send a personal email to your family and friends. Include a personal story about why you are passionate about supporting the charity, what their donation will directly support and a direct link to the fundraising page.

* Leverage the power of social media. Posting the fundraising link to a personal Facebook page or Instagram account is a great way to attract donations and generate awareness.

* Add a link to the fundraising page to your email signature. You might be surprised by the number of people who ask you more about it or decide to donate because of it.

7. Get the ball rolling!

Nobody likes to be first – that is why it is always a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution yourself! This will make it more likely to get others involved.

8. Throw a party

If you’re a social butterfly who enjoys getting people together, then invite friends and family to a donation dinner party. Take some time during the party to introduce the charity and the work it does. Make it fun by incorporating games and prizes or keep it simple by asking each guest to give a minimum donation amount.

9. Do not forget about your employer

Many companies have matching gift programs or have funds to support employee fundraising efforts for non-profit organizations.  Time to ask your employer if they can turn $500 into $1,000!

10. It is all about community and remembering to have fun

Fundraising for a cause you are passionate about should be rewarding, not stressful!  Rather than repeating the same request for money with every ask, email, tweet, or Facebook post, get creative with your engagement. Post a mix of training and fundraising updates, share stories and other content. Ask others to share! Make it fun for you and others.

11. Contact us and let us know about your fundraiser – we are here to help!

Feel free to contact CMHA Saskatoon for suggestions and assistance!

Director of Development:

Margot Weiner
306-384-9333 ext. 228