Mental Health
affects us all.

Working together to promote healthy individuals in a healthy community.

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Holiday Open House 2023

S’more Winter Fun

Join us on December 6th for our Holiday Open House!

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Holiday Health Hampers

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Our Holiday Health Hampers are back again this year! The program fills 150 hampers with 12 wellness based activities over the holidays to combat the depression, anxiety and isolation that many people experience over the holiday season. Give back this holiday season by becoming a sponsor!

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CMHA Saskatoon can help you explore and navigate the resources you need for your mental health journey.

Mental Health
First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the support provided to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis.

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World Mental Health Day: Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

Every individual deserves the right to mental health care and substance use health care. It should be publicly funded and available to everyone when they need it. Cost shouldn’t get…

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CMHA Saskatoon Stands for Gender Diversity

Definitions and ideas of gender expression and identity have expanded as our understanding and appreciation of human diversity has grown. We understand and respect the right of people to choose…

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Bill Pringle: Recipient of 2023 National Philanthropy Day Honoured Supporter Award

For 25 years Bill Pringle has been a passionate supporter of mental health and the mission of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatoon, as well as on a provincial…

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Reilly Ingram Memorial Golf Tournament

The 2nd Annual Reilly Ingram Memorial will be held this October in memory of Riley. The tournament will raise awareness and funds to support mental health initiatives in Saskatoon in…

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Wakaw Golf Tournament

OVER $15,000 RAISED! Thanks to Lizanne Gaudet and her crew, the Wakaw Ladies Mental Health Golf Tournament Fundraiser was a HUGE success. Thank you to every one who had a…

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